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E-procurement as a Sales Instrument for Suppliers

What international wholesalers can do, you should be able to do too: retain customers and generate new business with a target-group-oriented e-business strategy. Industrial customers buy where their procurement processes are served the best. Onventis Supplier offers exactly what these industrial customers need but that which a usual online shop can’t deliver: flexible procurement integration and vendor-managed procurement. Reacting too late can cost you market share. Take charge now and successfully expand your e-business strategy with Onventis Supplier.

Are you a supplier who would like to integrate a catalog or a shop
at a Onventis Buyer customer?

Procurement Integration

Procurement Integration


◦ Catalog Integration

◦ EDI Interface

◦ Price & Stock Interface

◦ PunchOut Adapter

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Catalog Integration 1

Catalog Integration 2

Punchout Integration

Onventis Supplier enables the efficient integration of customer-specific supplier ranges and conditions in the procurement process of Onventis Buyer, as well as in other e-procurement systems with Ariba or SAP. Static catalogs (BMECat, Excel, CSV) can be imported and connected, as well as supplier shops via OCI and cXML Punchouts. The integration of OCI5 catalogs (“Background Search“) in the index-based search of Onventis Buyer systems supports retrievability of your products in punchout scenarios.

For the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) of orders, order changes, order confirmations, and invoices, the openTRANS-Standard is on offer. Conversions of openTRANS receipts are possible in other formats like EDIFACT, xCBL, cXML, SAP iDoc or CSV. For receipt data exchange, in addition to e-mails, http/s and FTP formats are supported.

As an Onventis Buyer supplier, you will be notified via e-mail of new price inquiries and free-text orders (Spot Buy) of your customers. You have the possibility to register all requests directly in Onventis System, assign a bid number, and work with all bid positions, including not bidding, or adding new positions. The final offer will be transmitted by the system to Onventis Buyer, which can then create an order and send it back to you.

Customized conditions can be data-base imported in the Onventis Buyer system of your customer (e.g., CSV, Excel). Prices for your catalog articles can also be saved via a web service with real-time information from your ERP-System. The same goes for inventory and availability information from your ERP. This reduces data handling, and offers your customer current prices and availability information at any time.

Vendor Managed Procurement

Onventis Supplier Vendor Managed Procurement


◦ Order Management

◦ Catalog Management

◦ Service Procurement

◦ Quote Request

◦ Complaint Management

◦ Standard Reports

◦ Enterprise Reports

◦ Onventis Connector

◦ Onventis Mobile Approval

◦ Onventis Mobile Ordering

◦ Customer Registration

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Catalog View 1

Catalog View 2

Order Management

Mobile Overview

Mobile Ordering

Onventis Supplier offers suppliers who want to be proactive and not only reactive in their e-business strategies with their own e-procurement offers, a perfect platform. C-parts (MRO) management on a supplier platform requires a professional e-procurement process that includes, e.g., customer-specific workflows with account assignment and budget administration. With the Vendor-managed Procurement modules, the procurement processes of your industrial customers are covered.

The trend in full-product range on the one hand, and the desire for reduced suppliers are nothing new. With Onventis Supplier, you can expand your range quickly and efficiently through the integration of catalogs and shops. Multi-supplier catalogs enable drop shipments based on shopping cart splitting according to supplier. As a platform provider, you have things under control.

Digitalization and Industry 4.0 are unstoppable. As a supplier, you can do your part in digitalization by integrating scanner and automatic solutions in your Onventis Supplier procurement platform. This sustainably connects you to the procurement processes of your customers – an effective customer retainment tool.

You and a partner have decided on a strategic venture, or you’re planning to build up a procurement platform with partners or even supplier competitors? Then the Vendor-managed Procurement modules are perfect for you. Disruptive platform business models are also unstoppable!

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