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The comprehensive e-procurement cloud solution – certified by BME

The purchasing department adds substantial value to overall business success. Onventis Buyer supports you in strategic and operational procurement as a comprehensive procurement solution in the German cloud. Onventis Buyer is the BME-certified modular e-procurement complete solution for supplier management, source-to-contract processes, procure-to-pay workflows, and analytics.

Intuitive user interfaces guarantee quick acceptance with your users. All transactional and master data involved in the procurement process are seamlessly integrated into your ERP system by Onventis Buyer. Your buying processes will be consistently optimized and your suppliers connected to the procurement process. With the Onventis Mobile App for ordering and approval processes, you can shorten order processing times. Automated and seamless digital processes guarantee more time for strategic procurement, increase the quality in procurement, and reduce your material and process costs.

Supplier Management

Supplier Management


◦ Supplier Master Data

◦ Supplier Self Assessment

◦ Supplier Evaluation

◦ Document Management

◦ Bisnode Connector

Bisnode Connector

Supplier Evaluation

Supplier RFI

Time-consuming registration processes are a thing of the past for you and your suppliers with the Supplier Management modules. Suppliers register themselves with their own documents, and provide their own information, and can update their data on their own in the Self-Service Portal.

With the help of templates with pre-defined criteria and evaluation systems, you can quickly and flexibly create questionnaires for your business. You decide what qualitative and quantitative key figures you want to use and evaluate. You can use Onventis Buyer automatically collected “hard“ factors for the evaluation. This makes for efficient evaluation and classification of your suppliers.

With help from data from credit agencies (e.g., Bisnode, Dun & Bradstreet, Hoppenstedt), your suppliers can be better evaluated and targeted measures for improving supplier quality can be derived. Recognize risk factors, optimize your supplier relationships, and increase your own competitiveness in the process by integrating business information in Onventis Buyer.

As an alternative to manual registration, the Supplier Management modules enable completely automated bidirectional synchronization of your supplier data with your ERP (e.g., SAP). The integrated document management enables the creation and addition of data in any format. Whether general terms and conditions, contract data, or certificates – you have an overview of and insight into all files relevant to procurement. All documents and attachments can be found via full-text search. A reminder function helps you keep track of contract deadlines and notice periods.

Source to Contract

Source to Contract



◦ Auctions

◦ Frame Agreements

◦ Contract Management

◦ Quantity Contracts

◦ Purchasing Projects




You can simply and clearly coordinate your procurement worldwide with the Source-to-Contract modules. Well-structured and reusable templates for RFIs, bids, and product or price requests save you time and maximize the number of qualified and relevant bids with supplier requests. Clear price comparisons and structured cost breakdowns enable you to identify items with negotiation potential. Each step of the tendering process, including the suppliers‘ submissions, occurs within Onventis Buyer. You can take control of the complete tendering process, compare bids, and realize the full market potential.

With the Source-to-Contract modules, you can create quantity and value-based framework agreements and include them in catalog management. Onventis Buyer monitors the status of demand and blanket orders and gives you due notice of agreed general conditions.

Onventis Buyer includes an e-auction solution that flexibly presents various auction scenarios and types. On the buying side, you are assured of the best English and Dutch best-price auction offers. On the sales side, you can use Reverse Auctions, e.g., for profit-optimized material re-sale.

Whether Reverse or Forward, you can have auctions worldwide with an arbitrary number of participants around the clock. All the procedures within the action history are graphically presented in real time, and simply evaluated. An integrated chat function enables you to contact any of the players, whereby the entire communication thread is securely saved.

Onventis Buyer has definable auction timing, extensions, bidding scales, security rules for participants and other intelligent settings to flexibly meet all your needs.

For more complex calls for tender, you can define and assign cross-functional project teams. Tasks can be efficiently assigned across locations and departments.

Procurement projects can be administered and efficiently controlled from one complete file. Deadlines and budget controlling are centrally steered.

Procure to Pay

Procure to Pay


◦ Order Management

◦ Catalog Management

◦ Service Procurement

◦ Item Configurator

◦ Quote Request

◦ Dynamic Approval Workflows

◦ Dynamic Cost Allocation

◦ Dynamic Catalog Views

◦ Invoice Management

◦ Invoicing Plan & Limit Orders

◦ Vendor Managed Inventory

◦ Delivery Schedules

◦ Complaint Management

◦ Inventory Management

◦ User Registration

◦ Enterprise Structure

◦ ERP Import Order Objects

◦ Onventis Connector

◦ Amazon Business Adapter

◦ Punchout Adapter

◦ Onventis Mobile Ordering

◦ Onventis Mobile Approval

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OCI Shop Adapter

Order Management

Supplier catalogs can be integrated in Onventis Buyer over staging areas, according to price and product range. Internal product ranges can be searchable. With OCI 5, catalogs of connected, external shops are available and easily findable in Onventis Buyer. This provides you with a consolidated overview of all relevant articles and services that are sorted according to relevance, price, and order frequency, regardless of whether they are in the core – long tail – range. Search filters can specified to optimize your results. Shops and marketplaces (e.g., Amazon Business) from suppliers that provide your content through OCI or cXML Punchout are completely integrated in Onventis Buyer.

Orders for production materials that are processed in your ERP system will be synchronized with Onventis Buyer. Connecting suppliers and steering of the approval and order processing workflows is also handled by Onventis Buyer. Change orders are automatically compared with the ERP system. Other functions for ERP systems in Onventis Buyer include: planning requirements, vendor managed inventory (VMI), delivery schedules, and delivery call-offs.

You can profit from a comprehensive, highly automated order process – from the purchase requisition to invoicing. Onventis Buyer flexibly adapts to your procure-to-pay processes, reduces the order processing time, prevents maverick buying, and minimizes your process costs. A consumer can collect articles, services, and free-text items from internal or external catalogs in his shopping cart. The distribution of the individual orders and purchase requisitions is automatically handled by Onventis Buyer. As a buyer, you can quickly bundle the needs of your company in a central requisition list, generate consolidated orders, or send pricing inquiries to potential suppliers. Flexible, individualized approval workflows can handle complex organizational hierarchies and guarantee compliance in your procurement process.

Onventis Buyer supports you in automatically comparing invoices with orders and incoming goods (three-way-match). Invoice approval processes are automatically initiated. Invoice creation is possible with and without purchase order referencing.

The “Invoice Management” module offers the following functions, among others:

o Invoice acquisition through supplier or customer
o Automatic acceptance of order items
o Automatic and manual invoice importing
o Automatic validation of account assignment data
o Comparison of invoice with order and received goods (three-way-match)
o Verification of information necessary for the invoice
o Approval workflows for invoices
o Connection to external archive systems

Onventis Mobile

Mobile procurement in business made easy




◦ Standard Reports

◦ Enterprise Reports

Order Volume

Cost Drivers

Standard Report


The preparation and analysis of information about corporate ordering processes are crucial for your success. The Onventis Analytics modules provide solid analyses of your expenditures. The Standard Reports analyze your expenditures according to, e.g., time, supplier, cost position, type of goods, and articles.

In order to make legally relevant information available anytime, anywhere, companies need a comprehensive reporting system. This is the prerequisite for efficient purchase controlling. The Onventis Analytics modules help you keep control of all these processes. Reports and diagrams are presented in your dashboard to provide you with a quick overview of all relevant figures.

The Analytics modules offer you a quick analysis of all procurement steps that are processed by Onventis Buyer. You receive reliable information on supplier quality, procurement volume, costs, and budget. This information is sustainably processed and provides your buyers with transparency while supporting compliance and minimizing risk.

Profit from the reporting and analysis functions to optimally prepare yourself for price negotiations with your suppliers. You can compare other order dates from any time period. This helps you easily identify trends, goods and articles and enables you to save costs.


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